1 ½ - 2lbs ground round (may add ½ lb Italian sausage)(browned and drained)
1 large box spinach or whole wheat noodles
1 large red or bermuda onion (chopped)
1-1½ lbs ricotta cheese
3-4 12 oz cans natural/organic sauce (no sugar)
3 large scallions (chopped)
½-1lb mushrooms (fresh)
4 cups mozzarella (grated)(may also use cheddar or provolone)
1 cup red wine

Simmer: Sauce of meat and all other ingredients except cheeses for at least 1 hours (maximum 3 hours). Alternate layers of noodles with sauce and cheese, topping off with sauce.


The easiest way is to use Lawry's Lasagna Season Pack. Otherwise use two bay leafs, pinch of oregano, red or cayenne pepper, tablespoon of paprika, teaspoon of dill weed, pinch thyme/marjorin. Needless to say, I use the Lawry's Seasoning.

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